Kurentovanje in partnership with the Cleveland Bocce Club would like to Invite you to the First Annual Kurentovanje Bocce Tournament at the Slovenian National Home held during the annual Kurentovanje Festival.

February 10th, 2018 at the Slovenian National Home - 6409 St Clair Ave, Cleveland, OH 44103

Tournament Begins at 9 AM



  • 16 Team Tournament
  • $100 per Team buy in.
  • Must have 4 Players for Each Team.
  • Games go to 16 points and will last One hour long at most.
  • Prize Money is split between the Tournament Winners and the Kurentovanje Festival as a charitable gift.
  • The Slovenian National Home has two full-size Bocce courts which are currently being renovated in time for the tournament.  


E-mail: ClevelandBocceClub@gmail.com To reserve your spot.

Participants must bring their entry fee in cash the day of the tournament to participate.



  •  4 players per team.
  • No substitutes
  • No crossing of the halfway mark of the court until you have thrown your ball.
  • Pallina must cross halfway mark to be in play
  • Back wall is in play at all times.
  • Games go to 16 points and will last One hour long at most